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Secoh Auto Stopper SK White


Secoh Auto Stopper SK White

Auto Stopper

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Air blowers are required to circulate the movement of air to ventilate your sewage treatment plant and replace the contaminated air with fresh air by swirling it around. These air blowers run for long periods of time and you need to ensure that it’s well maintained by replacing it’s spare parts. 

The Secoh Auto Stopper SK White is made as an attachment to selected Secoh JDK diaphragm air blower units to ensure proper functioning. These replacement materials are made to last for a longer time to avoid any malfunctions on the air blowers in the future. 

Key Features 

The Secoh Auto Stopper SK White can be attached to these single air blower units: 

  • Secoh JDK-S-60
  • Secoh JDK-60C
  • Secoh JDK-S-80
  • Secoh JDK-80C
  • Secoh JDK-S-100
  • Secoh JDK-100C
  • Secoh JDK-S-120
  • Secoh JDK-120C
  • Secoh JDK-S-150
  • Secoh JDK-150C
  • Secoh JDK-S-200
  • Secoh JDK-200C
  • Secoh JDK-S-250
  • Secoh JDK-250C

You will need to buy two Secoh Auto Stopper SK White for these twin system air blowers, as you need to attach one to each pump:

  • Secoh JDK-S-300
  • Secoh JDK-300C
  • Secoh JDK-S-400
  • Secoh JDK-400C
  • Secoh JDK-S-500
  • Secoh JDK-500C

Why Choose Whisspurr? 

You need the most robust and high-quality equipment when it comes to sewage treatment. At Whispurr, you can find that as we value the consumer’s needs for the best materials and machines to ensure a comfortable experience for sewage treatment.

With a wide range of high-quality products, we assure you that you will get the equipment you need for your sewage treatment plant. 

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