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Secoh Filter – SE28


Secoh Filter SE28

Compressor Filter

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The Secoh SE 28 filter is used to ventilate, pressurise, and clean particles from the dusty air that your air pump will receive, ensuring a clean and fresh air supply. This ensures constant airflow, air pressure, air quality and energy consumption from your air pump. 

You can find the Secoh SE28 filter for your electric air pumps at Whisspurr. This unit can be attached to select JDK air pumps to ensure proper functioning. 

Key Features

The Secoh SE28 filter is suitable for the following air pump units:

  • JDK-S-60 Air Pump
  • JDK-60C Air Pump
  • JDK-S-80 Air Pump
  • JDK-80C Air Pump
  • JDK-S-100 Air Pump
  • JDK-100C Air Pump
  • JDK-S-120 Air Pump
  • JDK-120C Air Pump

Note: Secoh air blower filters will need to be replaced on an annual basis or sooner if needed. 

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