4 Sewage Treatment Plant Problems And Ways To Fix Them

Author: Alex
Date: 22 February 2022

Along with a constant humming noise that disturbs the owner’s premise, there are several sewage plant treatment problems that you may come across. 

While the occasional maintenance and upgrade is something every owner should definitely do, there’s a chance that you may come across issues, especially if you’re not up to date with periodic repair and maintenance. 

However, there are simple solutions for many of these.

Whisspurr was made to acknowledge one of the biggest sewage treatment plant problems that is noise pollution, so we know a few ways different sewage treatment system issues can be addressed.

If you’re looking to learn more about this, we’ve compiled a list of sewage plant problems and solutions that can help. Let’s take a look –


1. Humming Noise And Vibrations


Sewage treatment plants of all makes, no matter how efficient they may be, have one thing in common – they produce a constant humming noise and vibration that can disturb those around, especially if you live in an environmentally-sensitive area.

The noise pollution caused can be difficult to deal with, leading a lot of owners to install their domestic sewage treatment system or commercial sewage plant far away from the premises. With the additional costs that arise due to this, the whole process becomes highly inconvenient.

The solution to this is straightforward – all you need is a Whisspurr.

Retrofitting a Whisspurr between the diaphragm compressor and air diffuser of your sewage treatment plant can significantly reduce the generated noise and pulsations.

With this, you can install the system nearby without having to deal with the additional costs or constant noise!

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2. Soakaway Problems

sewage treatment plant problems; a person standing on a waterlogged field

Every sewage treatment plant effectively disperses the effluent through the soakaway. This dispersal happens underground and is an ongoing process as long as your plant functions normally.

However, if you’re facing soakaway issues with your sewage treatment plant, the entire functioning of the system can be impacted by this. Soakaway problems not only affect the plant but also cause foul smells in the area nearby. Another consequence could be waterlogged grounds around the soakaway area.

In most cases, a soakaway problem can be rectified by using a high-pressure water jet to silt out leaves and other obstructions. All you need to do is push the water from the jets through the pipes in the opposite direction to clear out and unclog the pipes.


3. Blower And Pump Problems

a rusted pipe with water coming out

A system’s blower controls airflow to the plant, but in the case of a blocked filter or damaged blower, the system’s efficiency is greatly reduced. Due to this, the bacteria that break down the waste can die off. 

To tackle blower issues, first, you need to check if your plant is getting enough power supply. If you spot any blocked filters, clear them out so that the aerobic breakdown of waste occurs. 

When it comes to pump problems, you’ll need to check for blockages in the impellers to take out any obstructions that cause inefficiencies in the pumps working. You’ll also need to ensure that any pump problems are addressed immediately to avoid further damage.

If your sewage treatment plant problems are not fixed by these checkups, you’ll need to get an expert to take a look at the system.


4. Unpleasant Odours


Another complaint from people regarding their sewage treatment plant problems is unpleasant odours that may sometimes arise. Much like the noise problems in a sewage treatment system, this issue is unpleasant and needs immediate dealing.

While there may be several reasons behind this ranging from faulty pipework to ineffective air flow, there’s only one solution to this. 

Unpleasant odours can be due to several issues with the system and will require maintenance or repairs from a professional. Since certain problems with the plant may be hard to spot, an expert can take care of them for you.


Whisspurr – For Your Sewage Treatment Plant Noise Problems 


Most sewage treatment plant problems can be dealt with by a little maintenance effort on your part. However, to tackle the noise produced by the system, Whisspurr is the most effective solution.

This Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit can significantly reduce the noise pollution produced from your sewage system to ensure a silent sewage treatment process.

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