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Diaphragm Compressor Parts

As a machine that is expected to run 24×7, all year round, your sewage treatment plant requires carefully selected, high quality parts and materials to function efficiently for a long time, without needing repairs or replacements.

At Whisspurr, you will find all the spare parts required for your plant to run smoothly. 

Our premium quality Secoh Auto Stoppers, Secoh Diaphragms, Secoh Filter and Secoh Magnet Kits will make the perfect addition to your sewage treatment plant. 

Made using high quality material, these spare parts are guaranteed to make your sewage treatment process smooth and hassle free.

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Our Range of Diaphragm Compressor Parts

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Secoh Auto Stoppers 

At Whisspurr, you will find the ideal auto stopper spares. Our Secoh Auto Stopper SK in two colours – blue and white. Some of their key features include:

  • Premium quality air blowers
  • Provides excellent ventilation 
  • Can function for long periods of time
  • Avoids unnecessary usage of electricity

Secoh Diaphragms 

Whisspurr also provides premium diaphragms for your sewage treatment plant. We have the Secoh Diaphragm SE20, SE24, SE41 and SE60D for you to choose from. Some of their key features include:

  • High quality diaphragms
  • Perfectly manages pressure
  • Durable
  • Lightweight 

Secoh Filter

At Whisspurr, you will find the perfect air compressor filters for your air compressor spare parts. Some of the key features for the Secoh Filter SE28 include:

  • Premium quality air compressor filter
  • Can be used with select JDK air pumps
  • Handpicked by experts
  • Provides excellent results

Secoh Magnet Kits 

Whisspur also offers magnet kits for your sewage treatment plant. We can provide the Secoh Magnet Kit SE9, SE15, SE16, SE23, SE43 and SE44 for your sewage treatment plant. Some of their key features include:

  • Premium quality magnet kits
  • Compact 
  • Durable 
  • Lightweight 

Why You Need These Products

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Auto Stoppers are an integral part of your sewage treatment plant. They are required to not only measure the pressure inside the tank of your sewage treatment plant but also to shut it down once it reaches optimum pressure. Whisspurr’s auto stoppers can function effortlessly, without needing any intervention from your end. 

Our diaphragms also make for an essential addition to your sewage treatment plant, as they are required by your air blowers to make back and forth movements to pump in and expel unnecessary liquids. With Whisspurr’s guarantee in quality, we can assure you that our diaphragms will give you efficient results for a long time. 

Whisspurr’s filters are required to clean the air that is pumped in and provide the right amount of oxygen to integral bacteria that is present in the tanks. Our premium quality compressor filters are ideal for your sewage treatment plant and can deliver results. 

Whisspurr also provides magnet kits which are essential for your air blowers to function properly. They are high quality magnet kits that can be fitted under the diaphragm of your air blowers. As they are made keeping quality in mind, these magnet kits can guarantee a smooth sewage treatment process. 

Why Choose Whisspurr?

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The type of material you use can make or break your sewage treatment plant. This is why you require high quality spare parts that can bring quality and efficiency to the sewage treatment process.

With reliability and efficiency being our strong suits, you are guaranteed to find everything you need with zero hassle. We can take good care of your sewage treatment plant with the best products, so that you are always ensured your money’s worth.

To learn more about Whisspurr, you can reach out to us here.