Whisspurr – Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit


The Whisspurr™ is an innovative AVR (Acoustic Vibration Reduction) unit, developed and manufactured by Marsh Industries to reduce the amount of noise and vibration generated by the working of diaphragm compressors.

This unit is fitted inline between the compressor and the air diffuser of your machine, helping you significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by the pulsation of the diaphragm compressor. The best part, it causes zero issues with the consistent airflow to the air diffuser. 

Primarily used in water and wastewater treatment sectors, our AVR units help reduce the constant noise made by sewage treatment plants. Additionally, they’re also used for fish husbandry purposes, particularly in Koi Carp ponds. 

However, you can use the unit in any product or machine that requires the use of diaphragm compressors. 

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Key Features

  • It significantly reduces the compressor noise and vibration that helps deal with the problem of noise pollution in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • It’s suitable for all types of compressors, including Bibus Secoh, Charles Austen and more. 
  • It doesn’t cause any reduction of air pressure on the compressor.
  • It won’t cause any additional back pressure on the compressor. 
  • It’s easy to fit on existing compressors. 

Choose From Four Different Variations of AVR Units

The AVR units come in four variations that you have to pick based on the amount of electricity your diaphragm uses. Here’s a list of Whisspurr AVR units you should get based on your compressor:

  • W-AVR1 and W-AVR2 – Suitable for 40-100 watt diaphragm compressors
  • W-AVR3 and W-AVR4 – Made for 120-150 watt diaphragm compressors

Choose the one that suits your needs, and buy an AVR unit today!

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