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Secoh Diaphragm SE41


Secoh Diaphragm SE41


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An air blower uses two adaptable diaphragms to make back and forth movements to create a temporary cavity to pump in and expels unnecessary liquid through the pump. They also act as a partition barrier between the liquid and the air. 

The Secoh Diaphragm SE41 is a high-quality diaphragm that you need to attach to certain Secoh JDK air pumps for proper functioning. It’s lightweight to ensure there isn’t any additional pressure on the pumps, making it work properly.

Key Features 

The Secoh Diaphragm SE41 pump set comes with the following items:

  • 2x Secoh JDK diaphragms with a plastic surrounding frame
  • 4x magnet alignment spacers for reassembly

The Secoh Diaphragm SE41 can be applied to the following units: 

  • JDK-S-150
  • JDK-150C
  • JDK-S-200
  • JDK-200C
  • JDK-S-250
  • JDK-250C

You will need to buy two sets of the Secoh Diaphragm SE41 if you want to attach them to twin pumps, which have twice the internal parts. These include:

  • JDK-S-300
  • JDK-300C
  • JDK-S-400
  • JDK-400C
  • JDK-S-500
  • JDK-500C

Why Choose Whisspurr?

When you’re carrying out an important task like sewage treatment, you need to make sure that every part of your machine is functioning properly. At Whisspurr, we provide high-quality and robust products to make sure you don’t have any issues while taking care of your sewage treatment plant. 

Therefore, you can find whatever you need for your sewage treatment needs at the best value for your money. 

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