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Secoh Diaphragm SE24


Secoh Diaphragm SE24


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The diaphragm is used to pump fluids into the air blower and keep it separate from the air inside the machine. It’s also used to increase and decrease the pressure of the blower, forcing the fluids to leave the chamber and draw more of it from its source.

Therefore, you need a robust and lightweight diaphragm for the air blower like the Secoh Diaphragm SE24. You can add this diaphragm to selected Secoh JDK series of air blowers to ensure smooth usage of the machine. 

Key Features 

The Secoh Diaphragm SE24 will be vacuum-packed, and the set will have the following items:

  • 2x Diaphragms
  • 1x Instruction manual

The Secoh SE24 diaphragm set can be used for the following units:

  • Secoh JDK-S-60 Air Blower
  • Secoh JDK-60C Blower
  • Secoh JDK-S-80 Air Blower
  • Secoh JDK-80C Air Blower
  • Secoh JDK-S-100 Air Blower
  • Secoh JDK-100C Air Blower
  • Secoh JDK-S-120 Air Blower
  • Secoh JDK-120C Air Blower


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