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Secoh Diaphragm SE20


Secoh Diaphragm SE20


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The diaphragm plays a crucial role in the functioning of your air pumps or blowers. These two diaphragms act as a partition barrier between the liquid and the air in the pump and hold the ability to transfer low, medium or high viscous liquids. 

This Secoh air pump diaphragm can be used in selected Secoh EL series compressors to ensure it functions properly. You will also receive alignment tools to keep you well-equipped for the reassembly of your pump while attaching the diaphragm. 

Key Features

The Secoh Diaphragm SE20 kit will have:

  • 2x EL diaphragms with their plastic surrounding frame
  • 4x Alignment tools to assist you with reassembly

This diaphragm set  is compatible with the following compressors:

  • Secoh EL60        
  • Secoh EL60C
  • Secoh EL80       
  • Secoh EL80C
  • Secoh EL100     
  • Secoh EL100C

You will need to buy two sets of diaphragms for these twin compressors:

  • Secoh EL120W       
  • Secoh EL120WC
  • Secoh EL150W       
  • Secoh EL150WC
  • Secoh EL200W      
  • Secoh EL200WC

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