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Secoh Air Pumps

What are Air Pumps? 

A diaphragm compressor is a device made to pressurise the air in the atmosphere for storage or immediate use. In other words, they are air compressors that use a flexible rubber or silicone membrane, instead of a piston system. The Secoh compressors are a prime example!

Used in a wide range of applications, from small horsepower models to enormous 6,000 PSI industrial gas compressors, these machines are quite powerful. Suitable for the compression of toxic and explosive gases, a diaphragm air compressor is nifty and the metal-to-metal friction on this device is quite minimal.

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Additionally, these air pumps are also used to measure, dose, and transfer corrosive and non-corrosive liquid. These machines are designed in such a way that ensures you won’t face any internal breakdown due to wear or corrosion.

Some lightweight and low-pressure air compressors like the Secoh air pumps are made to handle thick and dangerous liquids, like heavy oils, while others are built for high-pressure industrial applications.

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How do Secoh Air Compressors Work?

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The compressors help you to increase the pressure of a particular gas. They can reduce a high volume of gas and increase its density without transforming it into a liquid. A compressor can carry out this task in several ways. 

However, the common characteristic among all compressors is that they have some type of fuel, like gasoline or electricity, to function with the compression method that they apply. These compressors also increase the temperature of the gas as they increase the pressure through the process of compression. 

Overall, these compressors are ideal to use on several chemicals and fuels that need to be compressed. To find out more about your compression needs, contact us!

How does a Diaphragm Compressor Function?

The Secoh air compressor is used as a positive displacement pump. It utilises two diaphragms, which move in and out to fill the pump chamber with fluid and then push the liquid out. When the diaphragms move away from the chamber, the pressure lowers and the fluid flows in.

Consequently, when these diaphragms push back into the chamber, the pressure in the Secoh air pump increases and the fluid gushes out. These fluids flow through one-way valves to ensure that all of the liquid flows in an accurate direction through the chamber.

Characteristics of a Diaphragm Compressor

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The Secoh compressors are renowned for their suction lift characteristics. When purchasing a diaphragm compressor, you need to check the size and rate of the chamber and diaphragms to determine the pressure and flow rates. 

Our high-quality diaphragm air compressors can handle slurries and sludges with ease. They have the ability to produce a discharge pressure as high as 1200 bar. They are known to have amazing characteristics when they run dry because of their design. 

These pumps are self-priming in several situations and are very efficient. They have the strength to handle the most viscous liquids in many different industries if they are not undersized.

There are also several other characteristics and features that you can get from your Secoh air compressor, they are:

Low Operating Temperatures

Diaphragm compressors are quite unique, as the compression in applications that have high vacuum and pressure can be done in one or two stages. On the other hand, if you use a traditional compressor, it could require three to five different stages. 

This is because the heat dissipates in the mass of the surface area of the assembly, the presence of pulsing oil, and the cooling system of the compressor heads. As a result, a Secoh air compressor can run 20% to 60% cooler than other types of compression technology.

High Efficiency While Using Low Power

The Secoh air pumps offer outstanding performance when it comes to efficiency. They can achieve up to 1/3 of brake horsepower reduction in their power, compared to other traditional types of compressors with high suction pressures. 

A diaphragm compressor can run a volumetric efficiency of 87% to 94% based on its size, and its isentropic efficiency can scale more than 90%. In other words, you can get really good value out of a diaphragm compressor because of its low power consumption and high efficiency.

Safety Systems

Today, various compressors come with a standard diaphragm or seal failure leak detection, which helps to stop the processor if there are any issues with the seal or diaphragm. 

On top of that, due to the way the Secoh compressors are built, there isn’t any chance of a leakage of the process liquid or gas into the atmosphere, crankcase, or hydraulic oil. 

In other words, a diaphragm compressor can compress explosive, radioactive, and other dangerous substances safely, without you having to purge crankcases or check for gas leakages beyond the main seals.

What are the Best Uses of a Diaphragm Compressor?

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Diaphragm compressors are known to be versatile and they are mainly used in industries that involve the task of fluid transfer. They are also used for dewatering or removing wastewater across several industries.

They are the go-to choice for industries worldwide for filling, dispensing, and metering gases and liquids because of their accuracy and efficiency. You can also use them for filter press applications, as they can create plenty of pressure for spraying and cleaning them.

Why Should You Buy a Diaphragm Compressor?

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Here we are specifically going to talk about Secoh compressors. A Secoh air compressor is the best choice when you are looking for contamination-free and leak-tight liquid or gas compression. You might require it to achieve efficient and smooth working of your machines. Some of the industries that require a diaphragm compressor for their work are:

  1. Industries with sewage treatment plants carry out corrosive and harmful liquids to displace them. 
  2. The industrial gases industry does jobs like trans-filling, cylinder and tube filling, and distributing gases like hydrogen and nitrogen. 
  3. The speciality gases industry, which includes electronic gases and calibration gases.
  4. The alternative energy sectors, including the hydrogen energy sectors and biogas industries. 

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Which Diaphragm Compressor Should You Purchase?

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When you’re looking to purchase a diaphragm compressor or pump, you should make sure that you choose one that works quietly and takes less power usage, while continuously delivering air and removing liquids from your workplace. 

Additionally, you should purchase a compressor that can handle the amount of work that you will demand from it. If you exert an air pump beyond a certain point, this will cause overheating issues and reduce its lifespan, anywhere from a few years to a few months. 

Today, diaphragm compressors like the Secoh air pumps come with several brand-new features and designs to ensure more efficient functioning. For instance, the Secoh JDK 50 Air Pump features an auto-stopper design, which solves the issue of offset magnets. 

This helps the magnet maintain its central position, even if the diaphragm faces fatigue due to pressurisation, or while changing diaphragms. You can look through our Secoh air compressor category page and take a look at the different features to see what suits your needs the best.

The Secoh Air Compressors

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The Secoh Compressors are available in a wide range of sizes specially designed for the user’s convenience! Created by one of the leading manufacturers of Diaphragm Air Compressors in the UK, the Secoh air pump offers nothing but excellence!

Commonly used in water treatment, aeration and fish ponds, the Secoh Air Compressor is one of the quietest air pumps on the market.

Effectively replacing the previously popular EL series by Secoh, we offer you the new Secoh compressors in the JDK range. 

With enhanced features and greater efficiency, the new Secoh compressors produce the same airflow in a much more economical way.

What’s more, along with the best Secoh air compressor range, we can also provide you with all the Secoh Air Pump spare parts you need.

Why Choose Whisspurr? 

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When it comes to carrying out activities like sewage treatment, you need the best and most robust diaphragm compressors on the market. Whisspurr provides tried and tested compressors that are all highly rated among users. On top of that, we provide them from renowned manufacturers, like Secoh. 

At Whisspurr, we value our clients’ needs for efficiency, which is why we assure you that you will receive high-quality machines and any spare parts that you need to maintain the health and peak performance of your plant.

With a reliable retailer like Whispurr, you will receive the best products for your sewage treatment plant. 

To learn more about Whisspurr or for any enquiries, you can reach out to us here.