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3 Unique Koi Pond Additions That Will Up Your Experience

Author: Alex
Date: 22 November 2022

If you are a proud koi pond owner, you know how amazing it is to watch your fish and other critters and enjoy the tranquillity. Koi ponds are fascinating and beautiful, they exude an aura of purity, life and true inner peace. 

Only a few people have the opportunity to build and enjoy the beauty of a koi pond. Originating in Japan, koi ponds have become popular additions to homes all around the UK. They are famous for bringing feelings of happiness and serenity to a home

Moreover, koi ponds were believed to be a symbol of health, wealth and well-being in Japan. That is why koi ponds were commonly found in Japanese homes. In addition to that, koi ponds were also installed because they helped improve the health and growth of koi fish, which were dwindling in numbers. 

However, koi ponds have now become a conversation piece or a corner of relaxation. You can further improve your experience with some unique koi pond additions that you can easily install. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

3 Unique Koi Pond Additions to Boost Your Experience 

1. AVR Units

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One of the best koi pond additions that you should consider installing is an AVR unit. If you own a koi pond, you are probably using aerators to maintain your pond’s health. All aerators need compressors to function, however, compressors are loud machines and can often ruin your koi pond experience. 

This is where AVR units come in. AVR units are acoustic vibration reduction machines that are specifically designed to reduce the overall noise levels of compressors. They are easy to install and can significantly bring down noise levels, restoring peace and quiet to your koi pond experience. 

Whisspurr’s AVR units are one-of-a-kind and work efficiently for a long period of time. If you are looking to make your koi pond experience better, you should definitely consider installing a Whisspurr AVR unit. 

2. Koi Observation Domes

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If you are looking for unique koi pond ideas, koi observation domes are one of the coolest additions to your koi pond. While you can always see your beautiful koi fish swimming around, koi observation domes give your fish a chance to swim up to you and look around. 

These domes are spheres that are filled with water and they can be installed in your pond in various places. Fishes can then swim up to explore and look around. It is easy to purchase koi observation domes online, however, you can also easily make one yourself.

Simply take an empty fish bowl and fill it up with water. Take two cinder blocks and place them side by side at the bottom of your pond. Then, place the fishbowl upside down on the cinder blocks. Make sure that more than half of the fish bowl is sticking up out of the water.

3. Fountains and Waterfalls

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Fountains and waterfalls are considered to be one of the best koi pond additions, especially for modern koi pond designs. Whether you opt for a small fountain or a realistic-looking waterfall, the sound of falling water is very soothing to the brain.

This has also been scientifically proven. When water falls or splashes, it gives birth to a lot of negative ions. These negative ions create biochemical reactions inside your blood, which subsequently increase serotonin and reduce stress levels

Moreover, there are additional benefits to installing fountains and waterfalls in your koi pond. Besides helping with stress and mood, waterfalls and fountains also help with pond aeration and circulation. The moving water helps with oxygenation and keeps the water quality high, giving your fish a healthy environment to live in. 

Contact Whisspurr to Boost Your Koi Pond Experience

If you are a koi pond owner, you are likely to want to elevate your koi pond experience with beautiful additions. By maintaining your koi pond the right way, you can have a truly delightful time. 

While there are many options to choose from, an AVR unit is simply a koi pond must-have. It is pointless to install additional decorative elements if your compressors ruin the peace and quiet you are looking for. 

As the first product of its kind, Whisspurr’s AVR units are designed to reduce noise levels in heavy machines, like sewage treatment plants and koi pond air pumps and filters. They can significantly reduce noise levels and help elevate your overall experience. 

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