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Air Compressor Troubleshooting – 5 Things To Keep in Mind

Author: Alex
Date: 28 June 2022

Air compressors are commonly used for aeration in domestic sewage treatment plants and koi pond filters. In fact, aeration is actually the basis of the sewage treatment process and is often used rigorously.

As a result, a compressor will require regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to work efficiently. 

A crucial machine like an air compressor can, like any equipment piece, malfunction every once in a while, leaving you helpless. 

This could be because of a problem with the motor, lubricant supply, diaphragm compressor, or incorrect pressure. Any problem should be fixed before it turns into a bigger problem, potentially costing you hundreds of pounds. 

In this article, we’ve made a list of air compressor troubleshooting tips to help with the most common problems with them. 

Before we move on, you need to remember that trying to repair a compressor yourself, without proper knowledge, can harm you or the device. 

Therefore, if you aren’t aware of certain technicalities, we suggest seeking professional help.

1. Excessive Noise 

Even the most efficient sewage treatment plant makes some noise, which can be fixed with a simple AVR unit

However, if the noise seems too loud, there might be an issue with the air compressor. When an air compressor makes loud noises that are annoying and out of character, it might be due to one of these reasons: 

2. Air Compressor Doesn’t Work

air compressor not working; air compressor motor

Typically, when an air compressor fails to operate, this is caused by a simple problem or common oversight. Operational issues are easy to fix and here are some air compressor troubleshooting tips to solve the most common issues: 

3. Air Leakage from the Compressor

If you close the compressor while the tank is filled with air and still notice a drop on the pressure gauge, the compressor is leaking air. You can find the source of the leak using these air compressor troubleshooting tips:

4. Compressor Doesn’t Build Pressure 

compressor not building pressure; air compressor with a pressure indicator

There are several instances where a compressor may look like it’s working normally but isn’t creating any pressure. There might be a an insignificant build-up of air in the compressor or it might not have any air at all. Here are some common problems that are associated with this sort of issue:

5. Extreme Stress on the Belts

The primary cause of a problem with the pulley or belts could be that these parts have worn down due to excessive use. Hence, the solutions to this problem are:

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Even after solving any problems with your air compressor, you may still hear a constant humming noise. 

Whisspurr’s AVR unit can help to reduce the vibrating sound emitted by your compressor. 

By simply installing the unit between the compressor and the air diffuser, you can reduce noise and vibration, without affecting the airflow. 

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