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Are Sewage Treatment Plants Noisy?

Author: Alex
Date: 3 May 2022

For those considering buying a domestic sewage treatment plant or a commercial one, there’s one question that we all wonder about – are sewage treatment plants noisy?

To keep it simple, the answer is yes. 

A sewage treatment plant may be one of the best sustainable technologies one can add to their home, but its loud noise and pulsations make them a nuisance to deal with. Imagine resting at home during your day off only to be disturbed by the loud noises produced from this, frustrating, isn’t it?

Whisspurr was developed to address the sewage treatment plant noise pollution problem. By understanding why the plant produces a loud noise, you can get better insights into the system’s working.

With our expertise on the sewage treatment plant and its noise, we’ve compiled a blog that has all the information you need to understand this issue.

Let’s take a look!

Why Are Sewage Treatment Plants Noisy?

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For those who don’t have a Whisspurr installed in the sewage treatment plant, dealing with its loud noise and pulsations may leave you wondering – why do these sustainable systems produce such a loud noise?

Here’s why.

A sewage plant requires the addition of oxygen into the water. We’ve spoken about the importance of the aeration process of the treatment plant, so you’ll understand that oxygen is required for the aeration process to occur smoothly.

The oxygen is added through an air blower or air compressor that uses a diaphragm that moves back and forth rapidly. This working of the diaphragm results in loud noise and pulsations.

The humming sound that we often hear with a treatment plant is also caused by this rapid movement. However, the quality of the air blower can affect this and increase the loud noise further.

To save money, people may often rely on unbranded air blowers, however, this can backfire as finding parts for them won’t be as easy not to mention the sewage treatment plant noise pollution that it will be adding to.

This makes it important for you to stick to brands like Nitto and Charles Austin for top-end products for your sewage plant.

What Do I Do With A Noisy Sewage Plant?

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Due to the aeration process and the addition of oxygen, sewage plants are usually associated with loud noises which cause homeowners to install the plant at a distance from their property. However, this can be avoided.

If you’re looking for the quietest sewage treatment plant, you’ll only be able to obtain this through the addition of a Whisspurr in your treatment system. This plug-in device quietens the noisy treatment process without affecting the overall performance of the plant. 

While this ideally does not require any additional interference on your part, till you get this acoustic vibration reduction unit installed, here are a few things you can do –

These few techniques can help reduce the noise a little but not eliminate them entirely. 

Install Whisspurr To Deal With Sewage Treatment Plant Noise Pollution 

Tackle the noise produced by a sewage treatment system once and for all by installing a Whisspurr. 

This Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit can significantly reduce the noise pollution produced from your sewage system, to ensure a silent sewage treatment process. 

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