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4 Sewage Treatment Plant Myths You Need to Know About

Author: Alex
Date: 5 April 2022

Sewage treatment plants have become a common addition to many domestic and commercial spaces, as they encourage a more sustainable way of living.

These systems essentially break down the waste produced, to give a more environmentally-friendly effluent. They also eliminate disease-causing bacteria and are overall, less wasteful. 

However, with a considerable lack of awareness about how these systems work, several sewage treatment plant myths have been created and become prevalent. While these common sewage treatment problems may seem complex to deal with, most of them have simple solutions.

At Whisspurr, we have immense expertise in these systems and have compiled a list of common sewage treatment plant myths to clear out any misconceptions.

Let’s take a look.

Myth #1 – Sewage Plants Need To Be Installed At A Distance From The Property

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Sewage treatment plants produce a considerable amount of noise during the treatment process. Due to this noise pollution, most homeowners tend to install these systems at a considerable distance from their property. They also put together additional money to make arrangements for this installation.

While this may have been true in the past, there’s no need to go through the troubling process of doing so anymore. With the simple addition of an acoustic vibration reduction unit like Whisspurr, the noise and pulsations of the treatment plant are considerably reduced.

With this, you no longer have to go out of your way to install the plant far away from your home, the noise is already taken care of. If you’re looking to know more about Whisspurr and how it works, get in touch with our experts today!

Myth #2 – Foul Odours Are A Common Phenomenon With Treatment Plants


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Many people often associate sewage treatment plants with foul odours and think both go together. This is far from true. 

With proper maintenance and checkups, every treatment plant can be kept in a good condition, which ensures there are no foul odours. Negligence in this can lead to bad ventilation or other problems in the system, which result in bacteria being unable to break down the sewage. This is what causes the foul odour that can spread in the area.

Dealing with this odour can be troublesome, especially if it spreads near to your home. This means that you need to take care of the problem before it can get out of control. Most experts recommend that you regularly check up on the system to identify any minor issues or repairs immediately, to avoid such problems from occurring.

Myth #3 – A Sewage Treatment Plant Can Do Without Maintenance

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Before installing the sewage treatment plant, staying up to date with any sewage plant problems from the manufacturer, can give you insights about the working of the system and what you need to do to avoid issues from arising. However, this does not mean regular maintenance should take a backseat.

Whilst the plant can function without the need for interference on your behalf, maintenance keeps the system in proper condition to ensure the treatment process runs smoothly.

From slow drainage and overloading, to odour and other problems – several issues may arise if you do not stay up to date with the maintenance and general upkeep of your system. 

Myth #4 – Anyone Can Empty The System Easily

Hiring a trained professional to empty your pit is the right way to go about it to ensure that the process occurs properly. During the sewage treatment process, there’s a buildup of solid waste that may clog the plumbing and impact the overall performance of the system. By asking someone inexperienced to do this, there is a possibility of additional problems arising, which can impact the entire system.

Since a professional will know the correct way to go about this, including checking any other areas that need maintaining, hiring a professional to empty the waste will help prevent buildup and other common sewage problems from arising.

Whisspurr – For Your Sewage Treatment Plant Noise Pollution

Most sewage treatment plant myths can be dealt with with a little research and effort on your part. However, to tackle the noise produced by the system, Whisspurr is the most effective solution.

This Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit can significantly reduce the noise pollution produced from your sewage system, to ensure a silent sewage treatment process.

To place an order or for any enquiries, get in touch with us today!