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Aeration For Sewage Treatment Plants – Here’s Why It’s Important!

Author: Alex
Date: 22 March 2022

Sewage treatment plants are the best solution to all the problems caused to the environment due to the untreated toxic elements found in sewage.  In fact, with the help of wastewater treatment, we can ensure that sewage is treated before it is discharged into the environment.

Now, there are a number of processes through which sewage treatment plants assist the biodegradation of harmful elements in the wastewater. However, one of the most important processes in the treatment of sewage is aeration.

Most people are unaware of the importance of aeration in a sewage system. Therefore, we have brought you this article to help you understand the importance of aeration and how it helps treat wastewater. 

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Now, before we begin with the importance of aeration, let’s find out how it works in a sewage treatment plant.


How Aeration Works In a Sewage System

aeration process with an AVR unit


Your domestic sewage treatment usually consists of three chambers that facilitate the treatment of the wastewater. The first chamber filters the sewage, sludge and grease by letting it settle at the bottom of the chamber.

Once the solids settle down, the wastewater moves on to the next chamber where the aeration process takes place. The aeration system uses an air diffuser to diffuse oxygen into the chamber in an attempt to treat the wastewater. The air diffuser is connected with a noisy compressor that helps the oxygen release. 

The oxygen then proceeds to assist the microorganisms in the process of biodegradation of the organic matter. Thus, aeration helps in the sewage treatment process.


Importance of Aeration In Sewage Treatment Plants

We have understood how aeration helps the treatment of wastewater in a sewage treatment system. Let us now study a few points suggesting the importance of aeration in a wastewater treatment plant.  


Increases Oxygen Levels in the Water

Increased oxygen levels in the wastewater help bacteria in the process of biodegradation. Making the sewage treatment process more efficient. 

A lack of oxygen supply can lead to inefficient and delayed wastewater treatment which in turn would increase pollution in the environment. 


Helps in Oxidation 

Oxidation is the process of breaking down the complex and harmful compounds found in wastewater.

With the help of the aeration process, these compounds are effectively broken down into simple substances like carbon dioxide, water and salts. 

oxygen bubbles in a sewage treatment plant

Reduces BOD Levels

BOD refers to biological oxygen demand. The BOD levels represent the amount of oxygen required by the plant to treat the organic matter. 

By supplying enough oxygen, the aeration process leads to decreased BOD levels in the wastewater and facilitates sewage treatment. 


Increases pH Levels

A lack of oxygen in the plant can cause septic conditions. This can lead to an increased level of organic acids in the wastewater. Increased organic acids can cause low pH levels making it harder to treat the water.

Low pH levels can also lead to odour formation. Therefore, in order to maintain the pH levels of the wastewater and facilitate efficient water treatment, aeration is required. 


Reduces Ammonia Levels

High ammonia levels are undesirable for efficient wastewater treatment. Hence, in an attempt to decrease these levels oxygen helps in the process of nitrification.

Thus, by breaking down ammonia into nitrates, the aeration process makes it easier for the microorganisms to treat the wastewater.


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