4 Tips for Living In a Static Caravan In The UK

Author: Alex
Date: 26 July 2022

While most people look at living in a caravan as a “holiday only” experience, it is actually much more than that.

Living in a static caravan UK is a great way to enhance the quality of your life and save a tonne of money. Not only does it make life more flexible but also much more convenient. 

However, if you are thinking about buying a caravan in UK, it is important to keep a few things in mind before you begin living in it.

Even if you already live in one, we would suggest that you read on in case there are some things on this list you aren’t doing right now.

Living in a caravan can be slightly tricky as there are a few extra things that you need to manage that you usually don’t have in a house.

Therefore, in order to help make the experience easier and safer for you, we bring you 4 simple tips for living in a caravan.

1. Get a Whisspurr

static caravan renovation, 2 AVR units

We say this assuming that your static caravan already has a sewage treatment plant, you need to get a Whisspurr as soon as possible.

Most sewage treatment plants make a constant humming sound that can get annoying to listen to for the entire day. A Whisspurr can effectively quieten this noise and make life much more enjoyable in a caravan for you.

Our brand new invention has taken the market by storm and is the only product of its kind. Using this can greatly reduce the noise emitted by your sewage system without affecting its performance.

2. Add Security Features

buying a caravan in UK; CCTV cameras

Installing security devices and taking other precautions to keep you and your static caravan safe is paramount.

The first thing you need to do is get a strong and effective static caravan lock to deter burglars. Next, you need to get some fire and gas alarms to prevent yourself from any kind of fire-related accidents.

Lastly (and this is optional), you can install an entry alarm and a CCTV camera if you wish to. This can provide greater protection and help you feel safer in your static caravan.

3. Regularly Check Your Interiors

static caravan renovation; a fire extinguisher

Living in a static caravan comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance and interior checks. Not only can these checks help keep things running smoothly but also prevent you from great danger.

These checks should involve replacing your light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries, ensuring that the fire extinguisher is working properly and testing your locks regularly.

Moreover, you also need to conduct annual checks on your heating system and keep an eye out for moisture. Not having proper ventilation in the static caravan can lead to damp, which may be pretty annoying. 

4. Get an Insurance

If you’re renting the caravan, you certainly don’t have to worry about getting insurance as the owner might already have it. However, we do suggest checking if the owner has taken out more than just a basic policy.

Living in a caravan can be a little dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Therefore, it is essential to get insurance just to be safe.

We suggest you conduct proper research and get the best insurance policy that insures damages to the victims of an accident in the static caravan.

Choose Whisspurr For Sewage Treatment Plant Noise Reduction

Now that you’ve read our tips for living in a static caravan, it’s time to execute them and live a more comfortable life.

As mentioned, we can help you with sewage treatment plant noise reduction with our revolutionary device, Whisspurr.

Created by the smartest minds in the industry, Whisspurr can effectively reduce sewage treatment plant noise and make your life in a caravan easier.

What’s more, we also offer the best diaphragm compressors and their spare parts for sewage treatment plants available on the market.

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