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3 Quick Fixes for Your Secoh Air Blower

Author: Alex
Date: 25 October 2022

Secoh air blowers are an important component of regularly used machines like sewage treatment plants. They are often also used to aerate fish ponds and are crucial to the faultless functioning of your machines.

However, air blowers need regular maintenance and care to ensure that they last longer and provide quality performance. If you do not maintain your Secoh air blowers for ponds and sewage treatment plants, you are likely to face quite a few blower breakdowns.

When air blowers break down, they can be very frustrating to fix. While they are usually built to perform without faults and issues, sometimes, you may be faced with a complete halt in functioning. 

If your air blower won’t start or has completely stopped working, we can help. With this guide, we have highlighted the biggest causes of breakdowns and given some quick troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix these issues.

Let’s dive right in!

3 Quick Troubleshooting Tips for Secoh Air Blowers

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1. Damaged Power Cord

When your air blower stops functioning properly or completely shuts down, the first thing you need to do is check the power cord. It is often the case that when your Secoh air blower stops functioning, the power cord is damaged or has been mistreated.

During installation, if the blower is not correctly installed or if the power cord is damaged over time with heavy use, your air blower may stop working permanently. To fix this issue, you need to check the cord’s continuity.

Check if your air blower’s multimeter is working by touching the two probes together. Wait until you hear a sound or see 0.00 on the display. Then, gently touch each end of the cable with the probes.

If you hear a continuous sound or see the display stabilising to 0.00, your cord has continuity. If you don’t hear a sound or see the numbers stabilising, you may need to replace your damaged cord. 

2. Activation of Auto Stopper

Every unit of the Secoh Auto Stopper comes with a diaphragm. Secoh auto stoppers are also designed in a way that means the air blower remains protected in case of a tear or warp in the diaphragm. These air blowers come with a switch that will automatically turn the unit off if it detects an imbalance between the two diaphragms.

Usually, the imbalance in the diaphragm is caused by damage due to continued use over time. The magnet holding the diaphragm receives less resistance for movement, causing it to fail. 

Here is an air blower quick fix you can try if you are faced with this issue. Simply turn off the power and move your auto stopper to its original position. Once this is done, you can restart your unit. If your auto-stopper starts to function again, it was likely that it was simply activated as a false positive. 

However, if the air blower works but then stops again, you are likely dealing with a damaged diaphragm. The only solution to this is to replace the diaphragm altogether. 

3. Magnet Off-set 

Another quick troubleshooting issue for air blowers that you may need to know about is the offset magnets. To understand this issue, you need to understand how air blowers essentially work. 

Secoh air blowers usually function with the help of a magnet that rocks as it is suspended between the two diaphragms. Often, the magnet gets stuck to one of the diaphragms, off-setting itself and causing the Secoh blower to cease all function.

One quick tip to solve this problem is to simply turn off the main power and centralise the magnet. Alternatively, you may need to consider the health of your diaphragms. With constant use and overheating, they may become baggy and stop holding the magnet centrally. In this case, you simply need to replace the diaphragms. 

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