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3 Reasons to Keep Your Air Compressor Quiet

Author: Alex
Date: 8 November 2022

These days, we are surrounded by loud, noisy environments. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether at home or work, you are likely to be affected by loud sounds.

If you live in an environment with lots of noise, over time, it is likely to make harmful impacts. For example, it may affect your concentration, make you feel more tired and seriously affect your health. This is especially true for workplaces that use air compressors.

Air compressors function by converting normal air into a high-pressured output. Although they come in many varieties, they are generally considered to be very noisy. 

In fact, air compressors are said to produce as much as 92 dB of noise – this level of noise can be incredibly harmful, especially for employees who are surrounded by these machines on a daily basis.

Luckily, Whisspurr can help you deal with this problem effectively. As one of the first products of its kind, Whisspurr AVR units can help keep your air compressor quiet. 

Let’s explore a few reasons why you should keep your air compressor quiet. 

3 Reasons to Keep Your Air Compressor Quiet

1. Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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Our ears are extremely sensitive to sound, which is why loud noises can severely affect them. When exposed to consistent loud noises over an extended period, your ears may start to lose their sense of hearing and you may be faced with the possibility of having noise-induced hearing loss.

Moreover, excessively loud noises can change the inner structure of your ears leading to other problems like tinnitus—a condition in which you hear a constant ringing in your ears that can majorly impact the way you live your life.

This is especially true for workplaces using machines that make a lot of compressors and air pump noise – which greatly increases the risk of employees experiencing hearing loss. Aside from the inevitable reduction in productivity that stems from even temporary hearings, there is a high risk of compensation claims arising from current or previous employees – costing businesses thousands. 

2. Impact on Productivity and Memory

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Research has illustrated that if you’re continuously exposed to loud noises, your brain undergoes some significantly damaging side effects. For example, prolonged exposure to loud noises can alter how your brain perceives and processes speech

Similarly, exposure to loud noises can impact your productivity levels. Loud noises can be disturbing and distracting, causing the brain to continuously split attention between the sounds along with the tasks you’re trying to focus on. This often leads to low productivity, fatigue and stress, alongside a considerable reduction in the quality of your outputs

In addition to that, your memory also takes a hit. This is because the brain is forced to process memories along with loud, distracting sounds. Due to this, your memory starts getting jumbled up and blurry. Eventually, you may find it difficult to remember certain things altogether. 

3. Insomnia and Fluctuations in Mood

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Keeping your air compressor quiet is a must if you’re keen on keeping your overall health and well-being in top condition: Loud sounds have been repeatedly proven to contribute to weakening immune systems, fluctuations in mood and insomnia. Loud sounds often trigger a rise in stress levels, which indirectly affect your blood pressure, blood sugar and more. 

Consequently, your immune system weakens making you more prone to illnesses. Moreover, you may also experience insomnia due to loud sounds; If you are constantly exposed to loud noises, your brain is constantly stimulated. This makes it harder for you to achieve a state of relaxation.

Not only that, but lack of sleep can cause further issues like heart problems and diabetes. Along with this, you may also feel irritable, and agitated and experience fluctuations in mood due to loud sounds. 

Install Whisspurr – Your Best Solution to Keep Your Air Compressors Quiet

Now that you know why it is important to protect yourself against exposure to loud noises, you need to do something about it. If your office uses heavy machinery or if you deal with compressor noise at home, we recommend you install Whisspurr AVR units.

Our AVR (Acoustic Vibration Reduction) units are specifically designed to reduce compressor noise and vibration while making sure that your compressor works just as smoothly as ever.

As one of the first products of its kind, our AVR units are made keeping quality in mind.

If you are dealing with loud noises and want to avoid the life-long damage you may suffer due to it, get your Whisspurr AVR now!

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